Making travel plans for a group ?

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Tips to Improve your Group Travel.

Trip Etiquette:

Plan Schedule/Make Reservations in Advance

When you are traveling in a group, always make reservations for everything in advance. If you don’t know this, get ready. It’s annoying when you’re hungry to have to go around town trying to find someone without an hour and a half wait. Call every place hours, or a day in advance and speak with a Guest Services Coordinator or restaurant manager. This will get your party in for sure, and your time will not be wasted while everyone’s tummies are growling.

Be Patient and Kind

Always plan to be on your most attentive and giving nature. You know? Who wants to be around a grouch? Know ahead of time that not everyone is good at this. There are all types, and with all kinds of feelings, in all different types of moods, so like anywhere you go in life, bring your Sunday best, and your best people skills, and you can’t go wrong.

Be a Leader

Always try and think of everything you can ahead of time, and keep track of everyone. If you will be drinking, appoint a designated driver so that everyone gets back to the room safe!

Pack Light

Who wants to be weighed down with a bunch of baggage? Besides, keep everyone else in mind, especially if you are staying 3 or more to a room so that everyone has room for their belongings.

Avoid Complications – Plan Ahead!

Always do your research first, look for the best deals, and pick out the best 2 or 3. Then find your keeper, contacting them be email is a little trick to get you excellent deals, because it’s more personable and professional to write. Tell them exactly what you’re needs are, and ask them what their prices and amenities are. Let them know if you want pool access, a certain view, etc. One good tip is for every 10th person you pay for, you should be able to get the 11th person in free. (price break wise) Groups are good business for hotels, lodges, and resorts because it is a chance for them to sell, sodas, room service, and extra nights, plus if you enjoy your stay, maybe gain repeat business or referrals because of it. Not all travelers know about this, but there are also group rates within other segments of the travel industry that are undoubtedly the most lucrative ones.


General Tips Assure a Stress-Free Journey

If you are traveling via plane or bus, always pack a small bag of your hygiene items, earbuds, extra batteries, and so on. Buses don’t always have plugs, and if they do, they don’t always work.

Don forget your camera. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to get some good shots along the way. Even though your group may steal some of the best shots cracking you up along the way, you still want the few that you end up with.

Prepare some games, jokes, or activities for the group to take part in, as those always pass the time and keep people in good spirits.

Bring a small pillow, just in case you want to rest, you head not bumping up against the window, making it impossible.

Bring a small fleece blanket. I like these because of the roll up into practically nothing, and if you get cold, you are prepared.

Bring bathing suits. You don’t want to have to get one last minute, especially if you are working on a budget, so just be prepared.

Bring your travel documents! If you are leaving the country, bring your passport, tickets, and ID will you.

Pack Snacks! People get worn out and hungry from trips, we all know this. If you want to save money, travel plazas and truck stops are often higher priced, so get you snacks a day in advance from your local grocery store!

Well, all of this information should make your trip go as smooth as possible, and let you know where to find deals. Remember that you have to make the trip back, as well, and budget accordingly. A good thing to do is leave some at the hotel, or in a separate part of your wallet, so that you don’t spend it, in the case an emergency arrives.

Have safe journeys!